Over 23 animal and human-likeness sculpture totems are also found within the garden.  Totem animals were the Ojibwe form of government and also defined individuals.  

Totems in the MGG:  Caribou, Black Bear, Grey Wolf, Canada Lynx, Moose, Timber Rattlesnake, Bald Eagle, Sandhill Crane, Channel Catfish, Common Loon, Pine Marten, Northern Pike, Merman, Double-Crested Cormorant, Canada Goose, White Sucker, Sturgeon, Lake Whitefish, North American Beaver, Herring Gull and Red-Tailed Hawk.

The MGG is open during daylight hours, June 1 through October, and is self-guided.  Signage is posted throughout the garden and brochures are available at the front gate.  Call 320-390-2323 for weather updates.  Parking is available across the street.   

Suggested donation:  $5/person; children under 13 are free.  Guided tours are available by appointment for groups of 15-20, or for school groups.  A golf cart (holds up to 3 people) is available for $15 fee in conjunction with a tour.  

The MGG is a 501-c3 non-profit​. The Minnesota Goose Garden does not receive any federal funding and relies solely on public donations and arts foundation grants.

A native flora preserve and sculpture garden

Available for purchase:
ZEEBRA hats repel deer flies by interfering with their vision. They may buzz around you, but they leave and don't bite! Field tested. No gluey mess or insect spray. 

Made to order, adjustable snap-back. $20 picked up at the MN Goose Garden from the artist or $35 shipped. Call 320-390-2323 to leave a message. 


Bring bug repellent and/or hats.  Wear light-colored long sleeves and pants​; avoid blue.  Hawaiian Tropic suncreen repels flies.  

​The Minnesota Goose Garden (MGG) is especially tailored to children, including an educational scavenger hunt.  It includes mulitple paths, and is ideal for teacher-led games and nature activities.