The Minnesota Goose Garden (MGG) was first envisioned by artist Susan Swerda Foss in 1989.  With the technical and physical assistance provided by Rodney Foss, a five acre farm field became a botanical sculpture garden based on Ojibwe history.

Our mission: to preserve and promote education of the flora used by the Ojibwe tribes for food, medicine, utility and ceremony.

​​Artist Susan Swerda Foss is a painter, designer, sculptor and illustrator who has lived in Minnesota since 1969.  She was inspired by ethnologist Frances Densmore (1867-1957) to create the MGG. 

She has also managed Tobies Bakery for over 25 years and is now in semi-retirement.

A native flora preserve and sculpture garden

Rod Foss has a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota.  In 1969, he retired from engineering and bought his parents' dairy farm.  For 28 years, Susan and Rodney operated a dairy farm on the 1917 homestead where the Minnesota Goose Garden is located.

Rod has hauled rocks, laid out the parameters of a goose, nest and gosling, and built an arbor. He continues to mow the garden perimeters.​​